The rezia alpine botanical gardens bormio

The “Rezia” Alpine Botanical Gardens – Bormio

The “Rezia” Alpine Botanical Gardens – Bormio Destinazione Valtellina

The Rezia Alpine Botanical Gardens, with a surface area of 14,410 square metres, is located north of Bormio, in the town of Rovinaccia near the Campello stream, on land donated by local authorities.

The gardens were established in the 1980s for two main purposes: to equip the Stelvio National Park with a structure to house the floristic heritage to be preserved and to offer the public a virtually complete collection of not only the vegetating flora in the Ortler Alps, where the park is located, but of the entire Alpine area as well. 

Part of the Network of Botanical Gardens of the Lombardy Region, this organisation actively participates in the International Service for the exchange of seeds. Dedicated to the illustrious botanist Giovanni Fornaciari, the grounds are divided into four sections. The first "Park Flora" section hosts 1200 species, the second is the "Phytogeographic collection" with species typical of mountain areas and those outside of Europe, the third is the "Systematic collection" and the fourth section, the "Arboretum", is still in the process of completion.

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