Monument Sondrio

Monument Sondrio, what to see

Monument Sondrio, what to see Franco Bissoni

Monument Sondrio, what to see? Mansions, churches, museums and a historic downtown that will captivate culture enthusiasts.

If you're looking for monuments to see in Sondrio, then start at Piazza Garibaldi, named after the Unification leader who has a monument in his honor at its center. Then go to the Pedretti Social Teather, Palazzo Martinengo, the Post Office Hotel and the Popular Bank, with furniture done in 1960 by Dominioni. 

Torre Ligariana is a monument that was built along the collegiate tower of Saints Gervasio and Protasio, one of the oldest in the Valtellina area. The interiors of the Pretorius building are covered with frescoes by artists such as Cesare Ligari. 

Head to the Scarpatetti district and admire the stone houses that are a monument to Sondrio's ancient history. Walk among its streets and staircases, wooden balconies and votive chapels, all the way until getting to the Masegra Castle towering on top of the hills. 

Discover the wonders that the towns of the Province offer. Tirano can be reached by taking the red train of Bernina, then you may visit the Salis Palace. The Vertemate Franchi structure is located at the capital of the pizzoccheri, Chiavenna. It is certainly worth the trip. 

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