Palazzo salis

Palazzo Salis in Tirano

Palazzo Salis in Tirano @crisse_nf

Palazzo Salis in Tirano. The red Bernina train, which since July 2008 has been included together with the Albula tract in the UNESCO world heritage sites, reaches a historical town, Tirano, which has been a crucial and relevant  commercial and political centre for the whole region between 1200 and 1800. From those ancient memories we can still admire a pilgrim church on  one end of the town and the historical downtown on the other end,fascinating witnesses of the past important ages.

In the heart of the downtown a magnificent building dated early 17th century, Palazzo Salis, can now be visited after 20 years of fine restoration works. The rooms are all decorated with incredible frescoes and plasterworks, and furnished with original pieces  and paintings of the 17th and 18th century. Precious documents like the original statues dated 1531 and the assignment of the Count title to the family by the Habsburg emperor Leopold I  in 1694, as well as barock church devoted to the Holy Charles Borromeo are only very few examples of the huge artistic, historical and cultural treasure hidden within Palazzo Salis . Also the hidden italian style garden, a true rarity  within the alps, may be visited upon request. 

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