Museum Sondrio

Museum Sondrio, what to see?

Museum Sondrio, what to see?

Museum in Sondrio, what to see in this province? Famous for its beautiful landscapes and appetizing cuisine, this terriotry has been able to exploit its culture with outstanding options for you to choose what to see.    

Sondrio is a pleasant city that harbors two important museums. The first museum in Sondrio is the Valtellinese, located inside Palazzo Sassi de' Lavizzari, a XVIth century building that guards archaeological findings and artifacts that date from the Middle Ages up to this day, plus the Sertoli numismastics collection. Temporary exhibitions are hosted at the top floor.

Then there is Castello Masegra, which documents tree centuries of Grison domination in the area, but also gets visitors to reflect on Alpine identity with exhibits, pictures, research and documentsthat highlight local traditions and past.  

The outskirts will surprise you with structures like Bormio's Civic Museum, the Valley Museum of Valfrua that showcases the etnographic heritage of the zone while Morbengo has its own Natural History Museum.  Don't forget to visit the rock engravings at the Grosio Park and Rupe Magna's Documentation Center. 

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  • The Valtellina Museum of History and Art is located in the centre of Sondrio, in Palazzo de Lavizzari, an austere building donated to the city in 1922 for cultural purposes. The museum, located on...

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