Village of maccagno

Village of Maccagno

Village of Maccagno Flickr_Hellebardius

Maccagno is one of the earliest inhabited places in the Verbano province, with a long history that has left significant traces on the urban fabric, making this an attractive and interesting town. The village was divided into the Upper and Lower town by the Giona stream, creating almost two independent towns inside the same town.

The most characteristic area is the Maggiore District, in the Lower Village. Here the houses are built close together, separated only by narrow streets. The district's two most important landmarks are the Imperial Tower and the small shrine of the Madonna della Punta overlooking the lake.

The Upper Village, where the Town Hall is located, is more modern, but in return it offers a unique view sure to leave you speechless, offering a glimpse of virtually the entire Verbano area, from the Canton of Ticino to the Borromeo Gulf. Be sure to visit Corte Branca, considered to be the village's most expressive historic building thanks to its elegant arcade.

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