Villa della porta bozzolo

Villa Della Porta Bozzolo

Villa Della Porta Bozzolo

From country residence to showpiece villa
Constructed in the 16th century as a country residence, Villa Della Porta Bozzolo was transformed in the 18th century into a prestigious aristocratic Villa. The interiors were embellished by rococo frescos and an impressive terraced garden with a splendid external staircase. The body of the Villa is flanked by interesting rustic outbuildings, including stables, stalls, cellars, barns and a monumental 16th century press once used to squeeze the local pomace.

The decorative richness of the interiors
The flowers, garlands, blue skies with recurring putti and perspectival landscapes that characterise the decoration of the interiors of the Villa immerse the observer in a spectacular, almost theatrical atmosphere. This is one of the most sophisticated and unified decorative cycles of 18th century Lombardy, with the central hall and the long gallery on the piano nobile being particularly stunning. The walls, doors and vaulted ceilings of the rooms are richly adorned with trompe l'oeil architectural frescos and rococo vegetation, very much in keeping with the baroque aesthetic of the "marvellous". The secluded Study is home to some excellent 18th century wall-mounted cabinets, and it was in this room that the papers on the family's heritage and on the social and economic history of the Villa were held, along with important works by Italian and foreign authors.

An Italian garden replete with baroque charm
The spectacular baroque parkland overlooked by the Villa is laid out in accordance with the Italian garden style. Extending along a vertical axis parallel to the Villa, it embraces the entire hillock known as "Belvedere" due to the extraordinary panoramic views it affords over the landscape. An avenue of cypresses accompanies the visitor along the hillside and to a gracious XVIII century aedicula. An elegant wrought-iron gate on the parterre provides access to the "Secret Garden".

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