Relive your childhood at the Toys Museum

Toys Museum, Museums Varese

Toys Museum, Museums Varese Museo del Giocattolo - Angera

They evoke tender memories from childhood, keep us company during playtime while remaining shrouded by a sense of wonder.

Despite everything, toys nowadays withstand the advancement of technology.

We take them everywhere to play with our friends, even if years pass they remain forever in our hearts.

Dolls, games and other toys that stay with us until we become adults. You can relive this magic by visiting the enchanted fortress of Angera.

This magnificent castle from the Borromeo family harbors one of the most important toy and doll museums in Europe. It was originally envisioned by princess Bona Borromeo Arese, whose original collection included 12 rooms.

You and your family will have a great time discovering how dolls have changed over the centuries.

From porcelain to wood to plastic, from handmade to mass-produced dolls, plus a few very eccentric ones.

You will not only be able to admire the toys your parents and grandparents used to play with, but also dolls from all over the world: Germany, Spain, Japan and many other countries.

It is particullary noteworthy the collection that follows the refined French school of doll-making.

This goes to show that wherever there is a child, there is also a toy.

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