Cycling Milan

Cycling Milan, tips and suggestions

Cycling Milan, tips and suggestions

Cycling Milan. Take all the necessary tourism information to visit Lombardy's largest city on a bicycle. Milan lends itself to be explored on two wheels, allowing visitors to reach major cultural attractions in a few minutes of pedaling.

There is nothing better than following all of the available cycling itineraries that will show you the most unexpected and curious aspects of the Region. They are specially appreciated for tourism purposes. 

Moving around Milan will be easier if you follow our advice. Just go to and download its useful cycling information guide. You can choose there a series of recommended paths that allow you to live a pleasant experience. Let yourselves be astonished by unusual sight of less-known corners of downtown Milan and admire its contemporary architecture. 

The canals of the Navigli and Darsena boast alleys full of shops and lines of bars and clubs, perfect for those who prefer to go biking. 

If you don't have a cycle of your own, no need to worry. Cycling in Milan is easy thanks to bike sharing service called BikeMi and set up by the Municipality, letting tourists to rent bikes for a couple hours or even whole weeks. Head to any of ATM's offices to know more about it.

What are you waiting for? Ride on and start cycling in Milan. 

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