How to Arrive by Plane

How to arrive by plane, hints and information

How to arrive by plane, hints and information

How to arrive by plane? Planning to travel and need to know ways to arrive in Lombardy? The following section will provide all the necessary tourism information to make a comprehensive tourism program. 

Airports are often the entrance gate to the Lombardy Region for those who come by plane. Milan alone has two of them: Malpensa, the second most affluent due to the sheer number of passengers it recieves, and Linate, which covers short and mid-range national and international flights. 

Both are well connected to the city center and the rest of the Province by bus and taxi. Furthermore, they count with tourism information offices, car rental services, quality shops and restaurants for whoever has to spend more time among terminals. 

If you are looking to comfortably arrive by plane, consider the solitions that the Orio Al Serio airport offers. It is the first stop to reach Bergamo and other localities in just a few minutes. This particular port is known for hosting airliner planes frrom all over Italy and abroad, specially low cost airline companies. It is smaller but has a duty free area, lounge, food court and a convenient outdoor parking space.

Check our guide on how to arrive by plane. Outstanding landmarks and natural sceneries await in Lombardy. 

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