Milan Bike Sharing

Milan Bike Sharing, useful tourism information

Milan Bike Sharing, useful tourism information

Milan Bike Sharing. Get the essential tourism information to explore Milan by bike. The regional capital, just as other European metropoles offers both residents and tourists an innovative bicycle sharing service known as BikeMi, allowing them to move freely by the city center without having to worry about traffic or finding a parking spot.

It is an inexpensive and environmentally-friendly way to visit Milan that does not pollute and helps users stay in shape.

Acessing to Milan bike sharing services is rather simple: head to an ATM counter and activate a day, weekly or monthly pass. You can also ask for tourism info there, plus related bike sharing information such as where is the nearest docking station. Once located, you can start pedaling all over Milan and leave these rental bikes docked when you arrive to destination.

Since this shared means of transportation is meant to be used by the highest number of people possible, the first half hour is for free. 

It is active all year long, from 7 am to midnight. This timetable may be extended during spring/summertime and on special occasions. Local tourism will certainly benefit with the installation of new stations and at least 1000 e-bikes, a prime example of traditional and electrical transport integration. 

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