Public Transportation Lombardy

Public transportation Lombardy, helpful info

Public transportation Lombardy, helpful info

Public transportationLombardy is known all over the world for its magnificent lakes, snowy mountains and large cities, which count with a wide range of public transit solutions. This allows for those who don't travel by car to move around the Region in a fast and convenient way. 

Environmentaly friendly, unexpensive and comfortable when it comes to covering long and short journeys, public transport is the option of choice for most visitors who come to Milan. It is possible to arrive to the regional capital by train (some wagons even allow to carry bicycles), and then visit the city using the subway, buses and tramways. An extensive surface and underground service that is preferred by both tourists and residents. 

There are three historical Milanese metro lines, green, red and yellow, plus a recent "lilac" line that makes the urban areas more accessible than they already are.   

Public transportation in Lombardy is meant to be complemented with bike and car sharing services that may go into the Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL in Italian) of the historic center without any trouble.    

You can acquire regular, extraurban, day tickets, weekly and monthly passes, as well as seeing a map of Lombardy's network at railway and metropolitan stations.

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