Alessandro Manzoni Itinerary

Alessandro Manzoni Itinerary, following his tracks

Alessandro Manzoni Itinerary, following his tracks

Alessandro Manzoni Itinerary. Everybody who has ever attended school in Italy knows the work of this author. His descriptions of local landscapes make for the perfect reason to engage in cultural tourism.

Lombardy blends nature and culture in an itinerary that will take you to the locations of his famous novel The Betrothed. At the Lecco side of Lake Como's shores, it is possible to follow the vicissitudes of the story's main characters.

Undoubtedly, the first stage of this trip is Villa Manzoni. Young Alessandro was born and raised in this house, which belonged to his family home for two centuries. 

Head to the borough of Pescarenico, with its narrow alleys and houses that cross each other, it will be like being in an XVIIIth century village, when it was still inhabitated by fishermen. The monastery of character of Fra' Cristoforo, a priest who helps the protagonist couple, was supposed to be located in this town.   

The abode of Lucia and Don Abbondio has been an object of debate for a long time. The towns of Olate and Acquate vie for its authentic origins. 

Your route would not be complete without visiting the fortress of Monte Magnodeno.

The Alessandro Manzoni itinerary awaits. Grab a copy of the book and enjoy cultural tourism in Lombardy. 

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