Bergamo Città Bassa

Bergamo Città Bassa (Lower City)

Bergamo Città Bassa (Lower City) Mazzoleni

Bergamo is divided into two cities: the modern and dynamic lower city, with its tree-lined avenues of viale Giovanni XXIII, the Sentierone and viale Vittorio Emanuele II, and the high city, with its picturesque and enchanting historic old town.

Bergamo Bassa offers glimpses of ancient villages originally built along the main roads that connect the upper city to the surrounding territory. The most important villages, in terms of art and history, include Borgo Pignolo, Borgo Palazzo and Borgo Sant'Alessandro. Two extraordinary art museums are located in the heart of Borgo Pignolo: the "Bernareggi" Museum of Sacred Art and, in the adjacent road of via San Tomaso, the famous Carrara Art Gallery, flanked by the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art (GAMeC).

The modern city sprung up between the 19th and 20th century between Borgo Pignolo and Borgo Sant'Alessandro. Its most iconic spot is the Sentierone, Bergamo's traditional promenade, along with the Torre dei Caduti (Tower of the Fallen). The most important landmarks overlooking the Sentierone include the Donizetti Theatre, flanked by the romantic monument dedicated to the musical genius, and the church of San Bartolomeo, with a large altarpiece by Lorenzo Lotto entitled "Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints".

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