Brianza Villas Itinerary

Brianza Villas Itinerary, among its delights

Brianza Villas Itinerary, among its delights @fabiorcrespi

Brianza Villas Itinerary. Admire the splendid mansions of an area that blends nature and history, commonly known as the Brianza. An itinerary suited for those who enjoy cultural tourism in Lombardy. 

Back in the XVIIIth century, this territory was the setting of the Delight Villas season, imposing projects commissioned by aristocratic families of the time like the Borromeo, Durini, the Trivulzio, Arese, Taverna and the Morando.

They were monumental residences surrounded by vast parks, arranged with Italian and English style gardens and works of art. Such villas have been devised to be countryside homes for nobles' long holiday periods in the Brianza. Here they indulged themselves in leisure activities amid this inspiring landscape, music, poetry, elegance and refinement.  

Often they represented the family that ruled over that portion of the land, built with the purpose of narrating its past glories and deeds.  

A large number of these villas are open to the public and serve various functions: from government buildings used for artistic and cultural demonstrations to meetings and congresses to lodgings, restaurants, and museums of their own antique furnishings and contemporary pieces. 

Tourism in this corner of Lombardy certainly will surprise you. 

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