Castles in Lombardy

Castles in Lombardy, Scenes from a Fairy Tale

Castles in Lombardy, Scenes from a Fairy Tale

Uncover the most beautiful castles in Lombardy. Add a visit to a one of these jaw dropping destinations, visiting castles is a great way to spend a trip focused on cultural tourism.

Starting in Milan, the Sforza Castle was built in the XVth century over the ruins of an older structure and has since become a symbol of the capital. It has served various purposes throughout the years: being transformed into a residence, military base, and now as exhibition grounds. Renowned artists such as Bramante and Leonardo da Vinci have also worked here and guided tours allow visitors to see the catacombs and old night watch routes! 

The Fortress of Scagliera can be found in Sirmione, on the coast of Lake Garda in the Province of Brescia. A rare testimony of an ancient fortification that hosted a navy fleet, you can now admire its walls and the gorgeous lakeside shores out of its tower.

In Vigevano stands one of the largest architectural structures in Europe, originally a Lombard defensive stronghold, it currently harbors the Footwear Museum at its ground floor. 

These are only a few suggestions for visiting castles in Lombardy. Browse this unique section and pick your very own castles in order to live a vacation dedicated to cultural tourism. 

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