Fontanili Navigli Itinerary

Fontanili Navigli Itinerary, discovering the city

Fontanili Navigli Itinerary, discovering the city Navigli Lombardi

Fontanili Navigli Itinerary. Wondering what to see in this peculiar path? The navigli are important water outcrops that have enriched this territory for a long time. The fontanili itinerary provides a unique way to discover the wonders of Milan.

The itinerary starts at the Naviglio Grande towpath and traverses major landmarks in Milan such as Vicolo dei Lavandai, Santa Maria delle Grazie and the San Cristoforo Chapel, the row boating club and the Richard Ginori movable bridge. Then it goes along the Fontanili Navigli towards the towns of Corsico, Buccinasco and Trezzano

We get to Gaggiano after two hours of sailing through the navigli. Here you can visit the beautiful baroque facade of the Sant'Invenzio Church and Villa Marino, built in the XVIth Century by a Genoese banker who, it is said murdered his wife in a fit of jealousy and then fled.

Continue by foot, bike or horseback to the Parco Agricolo Sud, where it is possible to witness how cheese is made if you so choose it. The Fontanili route continues by walking amongst corn fields and rice paddies. You might also watch splendid specimens of herons on the waters of the canals that create the navigli, irrigating the green, lush land.

Nature and history interweave in Lombardy, don't hestitate in visiting it.

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