Franciacorta Itinerary

Franciacorta Itinerary, let's traverse it

Franciacorta Itinerary, let's traverse it Archivio Strada del Vino Franciacorta

Franciacorta Itinerary. Searching for unique way to enjoy in the ideal destination for cultural tourism? Lombardy provides numerous solutions for culinary, sportive and art appreciating types. 

The Franciacorta area is famous for producing a kind of sparkling wine called spumante, south of the Province's side of Lake Iseo. 

A tourism itinerary that starts in Provaglio, where it is possible to immerse yourselves in the Peatlands of the Sebino and admire the medieval temple of San Pietro in Lamosa. Head on the vineyard road that takes to the village of Monterotondo. 

This route traverses the borough of Paderno Franciacorta, which precedes the Rodengo Solano Abbey, one of the most beautiful religious structures in northern Italy, then it arrives to Gussago, symbol of La Santissima, ancient Dominican monastery towering from the top of the Barbisone mountain

The Franciacorta itinerary passes through Cellatica until reaching Brescia, with an old downtown that boasts two Unesco heritage sites, the Roman Forum and the monastic complex of San Salvatore and Santa Giulia. 

Cultural tourism in Lombardy doesn't stop there. The Franciacorta itinerary will offer several ideas for an unforgettable weekend trip. 

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