Lorenzo Lotto Itinerary

Lorenzo Lotto Itinerary, following his trails

Lorenzo Lotto Itinerary, following his trails

Lorenzo Lotto Itinerary. Several pieces created by this master have been  made in Bergamo, making it highly appreciated for cultural tourism in Lombardy. The Region welcomed the artist and his artwork is a valuable part of its heritage. 

He was one of the highest representatives of Italian Renaissance, born in Venice but he moved into the Bergamasque province in 1513. Some of the most important patrician families of the time commissioned from him beautiful portraits and private devotional works. 

Altarpieces of the saints Bartolomeo and Stefano churches and the one of San Bernardino in Pignolo asserted him as a painter, drawing the attention of local patrons. Such altars are a must if you are searching for the work of Lorenzo Lotto. 

The itinerary should include an essential stop to the notorious Suardi Chapel as well. 

In 1524, a noble family tasked  him  with decorating an oratory connected to the villa of Trescore Balneario, nowadays a peculiar destination for cultural tourism in Lombardy. 

These frescoes captivate viewers with their beauty and the freshness of the colors and tones employed in it. This small church is a treasure trove of art located on plains that take to the Alps, a precious land mark that awaits you during this itinerary.

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