Mantua Culture Capital 2016

Mantua Culture Capital 2016, discover its wonders

Mantua Culture Capital 2016, discover its wonders @beatservicemn

Mantua Culture Capital 2016. Have you ever visited Mantua? A capital of  ancient culture and splendid scenery, it is the right location for living vacations in a unique backdrop. 

This city is already widely known for its literature festival. An event that enlivens its streets and public building courtyards with book presentations and encounters with authors.   

To better understand why it was awarded with this label, just look at its rich monuments heritage and invaluable works of art. Enter the Chamber of Giants in Palazzo Te or the Nuptial one at the Ducal Palace

Add a visit to the Sant'Andrea Basilica to your itinerary, then take the long way to the Bibiena Scientific Theatre, where a very young Mozart performed at its stage. 

These are but a few examples of what Mantua has to offer. Due to the conferment of this year's title, numerous themed itineraries, focusing on gastronomy and nature, will be added to the current culture agenda. 

Head to the Mincio Park, a green oasis guarding three lakes and natural reserves with many boat, bicycle and treeking trails waiting to be enjoyed. 

Cultural tourism enthusiasts should not miss visiting Lombardy in 2016. The Region can satisfy everybody's needs for a pleasant stay. 

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