Pavia Photo Gallery

Pavia Photo Gallery, from A to Z

Let us present Pavia in a Photo Gallery to show you this land's unique attractions and experiences. Nature, art, wellness and fine cuisine are some of the ingredients to enjoy in this city, loacated a few kilometers away from Milan and its surrounding territories.

Cultural tourism in Lombardy's unique corners. The following pictures have been taken in Pavia in order to give you a clear idea of what is in store for visitors. Every photo exhibited in this gallery makes part of a larger project that aims to represent Lombardy in a comprehensive way using dedicated galleries.

Pavia has a rich history and can be admired by taking a walk from the city center. Gaze upon the beauty of the Ponte Coperto, its Cathedral and Civic Museums. The Certosa is its most famous and cherished landmark.

Yet Pavia is much more than that, just go to the countryside and reach the landscape of the Oltrepò Pavese, famous for growing vineyards and winemaking. The Lomellina area on the other hand is an important rice farming zone, renowned for its high yield and quality.

These are some of the elements that describe Pavia in this photo gallery, made in collaboration of the Province of Pavia and the website VisitPavia. You will find useful information to plan your next vacations or treat yourselves to a memorable weekend. 

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