Santo Stefano Ticino

Santo Stefano Ticino, art and agriculture

Santo Stefano Ticino, art and agriculture LAND Milano

In the outskirts of the larger Milan metropolitan area lies Santo Stefano Ticino.

This itinerary that will take you along 18 kilometers amid ancient countryside mansions and will give offer visitors plenty of oportunities to enjoy sports and culture in Lombardy. The Region has a rich history that you can discover even with short trips such as these. 

You can get there by train in a few minutes if you are in the regional capital. Get off at the Corbetta station and if possible, perhaps grab your bicycles as well in order to move faster while gazing upon the landscape.

Once you reach the historic center of this town, you will find out that Lombard aristocrats embellished it by building sumptuous manors in the XVIIth century by the shores of the Naviglio Grande, a navigable waterway already dug in the Middle Ages. 

These noble residencies were devised for leisure and entertainment, giving way to a new architectural style called Ville di Delizia, characteristic of this part of the Brianza. An itinerary in this zone cannot be complete without visiting Villa Frisiani Olivares Ferrario and Palazzo Brentano.    

Outdoor sightseeing and culture in Lombardy make this territory into the ideal destination for a peculiar vacation.

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