The Ghost of Manigunda

Legends of Varese: the Ghost of Manigunda at the Cairate Monastery

Legends of Varese: the Ghost of Manigunda at the Cairate Monastery

Once upon a time, there was a Lombard princess named Manigunda. She was very ill and close to death when an old lady told her: "My dear, perhaps I can help you. I come from Cairate, near Bergoro, you can find there a spring of healing waters. Come visit mie, I am sure that you will feel better if you drink some of it". 

Manigunda went there, drank its waters and felt better soon after. Driven by joy, she made a vow: "To her who lives in Heaven. Grant me life, oh Mistress, and I promise that I will consacrate my existance to you and will found a monastery in your name". Thus she kept drinking and recovered completely.

The princess kept her promise and commissioned the construction of a benedictine monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary, plus she took her vows.

Between the years 1545 and 1563, during restoration efforts, several human bones and skulls were found beside a perfectly preserved coffin containing the skeleton of an elegantly dressed woman: Manigunda herself. These findings are displayed for visitors who book a guided tour.

The monastery indoors have been unhallowed ever since, and the presence of an entity that manifests itself with unexplainable noises and apparitions during nightime has been detected.

Most stay away from this monastery, due to the belief that it might be haunted by the Princess' ghost.

Some may not believe this to be true, though...come visit and find out for yourselves!

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