The leonardo ferryboat in imbersago

The Leonardo Ferryboat in Imbersago

The Leonardo Ferryboat in Imbersago Nadia

The Leonardo Ferryboat is a particular type of boat made by hand which takes its name from the man who is presumed to be its inventor: Leonardo Da Vinci, although there is no evidence in this regard. This ferryboat does not use motors, but takes advantage of the river current and the force produced by man for movement. The structure of the ferryboat is attached to a steel cable stretched between the two banks, which is moved by the operator that pushes it to depart from the pier. The boat's operator takes advantage of the water current by directing the boat with a rudder attached to the hull.

Imbersago, in the green heart of Brianza, immersed in nature, is the ideal place for the Leonardo Ferryboat, a unique form of transportation that connects the banks of Imbersago and Villa D'Adda through the river. The short trip costs very little, with a small supplement charged for bicycles, motorbikes or cars, and allows you to try a unique experience on the river Adda and admire the surroundings from a completely different point of view.

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