The Nun of Monza

The Nun of Monza, amongst history and literature

The Nun of Monza, amongst history and literature

The historical event regarding The Nun of Monza, retold by Alesssandro Manzoni in The Betrothed with the famous character of Gertrude takes place in Monza between the late XVIth and early XVIIth centuries.

The terrible deeds that occurred in the monastery of Piazza Santa Margherita, from which the Church of San Maurizio and Santa Margherita stand, highlighted even more by the lineage of the event's protagonist: Marianna de Leyva.

Marianna was born in Palazzo Marino, Milan (the one that hosts the Municipality nowadays), daughter of Maria Virginia Marino, member of the wealthy and powerfol Marino family and the Spanish condottiero, as well as feudal lord of Milan and Monza, Martino de Leyva.

Marianna was taken into the cloistered convent of Santa Margherita in Monza when she was 14 years old with the purpose of solving a few hereditary disputes. Two years later she took her votes with the name of Sister Suor Virginia Maria, then she became the Lady of Monza when his father and stepbrother passed away.

The position of power she gained thanks to her rank within the monastic hierarchy favored a decade-long relationship that links her inextricably to the nefarious lover Giampaolo Osio, the Egidio from Manzoni's tale, who commited the most brutal acts in order to hide their forbidden romance. 

Fans of cultural tourism in Lombardy should take the chance of visiting the city during these months in which a series of important initiatives have been organized to celebrate its Lady, better known as the Nun of Monza. Major exhibition grounds and urban cultural contexts will be dedicated to it. Two of them stand out: 

Exhibition: "The Nun of Monza. From the book to cinema to comics"

This exhibition homages the character by narrating the complex vicissitudes lived by Marianna de Leyva around the 1600s through the tales of Manzoni's novel. Then there are the movie and comic adaptations, two of the most important art forms of the XXth century.  

It includes many side events of the museum and the city: theater itineraries, artistic workshops and performances.

Exhibition: "The Nun of Monza"

Important paintings, documents, suggestive videos and dedicated illustrations will guide visitors in an original path, between historical truths and literary license, to the knowledge of a series of unknown aspects in the Nun's life (go to the event).

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