Unusual Museums Lombardy

Unusual Museums Lombardy, regional culture guide

Unusual Museums Lombardy. The following selection gathers a few peculiar structures displaying original examples of traditional and modern culture. Lombardy is the ideal destination for whoever wishes to watch unusual collections. 

Start visiting museums in Milan. It guards surprising exhibitions such as those in WOW Spazio Fumetto, a space entirely dedicated to comics. Check the calendar at its official website for events focusing on childen and teenagers. 

Many unusual museums are scattered all over the Region, giving visitors the chance to learn more about local history, traditions and culture. 

Fashion and footwear enthusiasts will be glad to find out that between the walls of Vigevano's Sforza Castle are several classic and unusual pieces made by big names in the industry. 

Science and technology lovers should consider visiting the area of Valcamonica. Once there it is possible to witness an unusual demonstration of electricity, set up inside a decommissioned power plant, addressing issues like energy saving and the environment. 

If you are curious to discover these unusual museums, do not hestiate in browsing our gallery and see what Lombardy has in store. 

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