A Day at Minitalia Leolandia

A Day at Minitalia Leolandia

A Day at Minitalia Leolandia Leolandia

Situated near Bergamo, Minitalia Leolandia is one of the most exciting amusement parks where families can enjoy a fun day outdoors.
Minitalia is an amusement park surrounded by stunning natural beauty that offers 5 theme areas with over 30 games and rides for any age.
So, get ready to explore the park's many attractions in a journey of adventure and magical emotions…

10:00 am: To start to our day full of energy, what better than a nutritious breakfast at one of the kiosks scattered across the park, or at Leo Bar offering special gluten-free menus. After our-energy boosting breakfast we are ready to start our discovery of miniature Italy! A classic of this park (unique in Italy) is already waiting for you: Minitalia & Animali with its aquarium, the reptile house and the farm where you can attend an amusing show starring beautiful parrots.

11:30 am: Dive into the atmosphere of the Belle Epoque of the Expo 1906, dedicated to Milan's first expo. Children can take a ride on the Leocoaster or a spin on the King Kong ride. The bravest can choose from the Shot & Drop, the Electron Spin or the Twister Mountain to pump up adrenaline with high accelerations, bank turns, spins, ups and downs.

1:00 pm: For a lunch break there are many options for all tastes. The restaurant Pane Amore e Melodia offers a buffet meal, at Texas Grill you can choose from a selection of steaks and salads, at the Bettola di Capitan Polpetta your lunch will be based on hamburgers, hot dogs and kebab. Pizzeria da Pinuccia is for pizza lovers, and much more.

2:30 pm: We go back to our explorations with a bit of Renaissance in the Terre di Leonardo (Land of Leonardo). Worth a visit is the multimedia museum with the faithful reproductions of the most important mechanical inventions by Leonardo da Vinci. Sgulavià is the ride, which is inspired by Leonardo's famous helicopter. From a height of over 30 feet you can enjoy a wonderful view over the park.
Cowboy Town is a replica of an old western community. Here the Wild Vultures attraction allows the bravest visitors to fly on the wings of vultures. Let yourself get carried away by a fun water trip on floating tree trunks on the Gold River. Try the excitement of the Gold Rush with the Mine Train, the perfect idea for a "family trip" in the old Wild West.

4:30 pm: The pirate theme is reproduced at the Riva dei Pirati, where the Galleon will be waiting for you to sail the seas like real pirates and the Mediterranean splash battle will give you the thrills of a water adventure on boats with water cannons to engage in fun splash battles. Botti Boom will spin you inside gun powder barrels and the Scylla and Charybdis will put you to the test as you try to keep your balance on a windsurf. The Piratingioco is for young explorers who are ready for a fun adventure camp featuring free climbing, suspension bridges and spiral tunnels.

Many more attractions await you at Minitalia Leolandia, together with shows and musicals staged at different timeslots.

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