Milan a city for children

Milan, a city for children

Milan, a city for children Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica

A holiday or a family afternoon are more enjoyable if they include times when even the youngest members of the family become involved in person. In this, Milan is at the forefront precisely because it is also a children-friendly city; here, in fact, opportunities to spend some time with your own children are numerous and include outdoor activities, creative workshops and original initiatives in the most fun museums.

A special place for families who want to help their little ones to discover nature opened recently: at the Laghetto delle Vergini of the seaplane base, there is a Forest Lab, a garden dedicated to biodiversity where tropical butterflies fly freely around visitors and in a reconstruction of a tropical forest, it is possible to see in perfect safety stick insects, an African gigantic millipede and a variety of fish, including some piranha. In a laboratory, children can also take part in investigative encounters with nature.

The Triennial Design Museum, on the other hand, has a creative proposal for families that love art and design. TDM Kids is the educational section for children from 3 to 10, which includes workshops for manual skills and multi-sensorial interactive routes; the museum also offers special price tickets for family groups.

Those who prefer to spend time with their little ones tasting special delicacies can have a brunch with their children in places like the Doris Diner, where babysitting services are offered and a baby menu, the 4Cento which organizes workshops for children or the San Vittore, which entertains them with a Playbrunch game. The California Bakery at Piazza Sant'Eustorgio even allows you to order a straw basket with a baby menu and to hire a blanket and cushions so that you can have a picnic in the park next to the shop.

The Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia (Museum of Science of Technology) invites the more curious and adventurous children to venture into a world of science with theatrical animations, guided tours and interactive workshops, which reveal the secrets of the greatest scientists and their discoveries. For some special excitement, families with children aged between 6 and 12, can also try out a Notte al Museo, i.e. they can visit the museum at night with animated story-telling and role plays, taking torches and a sleeping bag.

At the Planetarium, children who want to grow up to be astronauts can really satisfy their curiosity: stories and spectacular shows every so often accompany guided observations of the skies.

At the Rotonda della Besana the long-awaited MUBA, Children Museum, was finally inaugurated a few months ago. It is a new house for children, which holds only cultural projects and exhibitions for small children, next to a safe and protected garden. Here you will find workshops, events and you can even organize your birthday parties. 

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