A passion for blondes: Poretti Brewing Co.

Angelo Poretti, a man and his hops

Angelo Poretti, a man and his hops @raizen86x

This brewing company from Volganna blends its passion for pale ales with unique aestetics.

Come to this small town in the Province of Varese and quench your thirst for both with a stimulating malt and hops tasting session inside a fascinating Liberty-style building, a refined architectural trend that has turned Varese into the country's garden-city.

Angelo Poretti opened his first brewery in 1977 in the same elegant yet functional structure where nowadays visitors can walk among pot stills and boilers.

Here, experienced brewers will take you on a journey to discover the world's most famous drink.

The distillery has been renowned from the day it was founded for its innovation and the revolutionary take on making pale ales.

Varying amounts of hops give its beers distinct and memorable flavors.

Credits: Fluidtravel

centomiglia sul garda con il vento in poppa

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