Bergamo and its typical tastes

Come discovering typical food of Bergamo!

Come discovering typical food of Bergamo!

Cheese, polenta, main courses, beer… travel through the typical cuisine of the Bergamo territory! 

9 D.O.P cheeses that Bergamo can be proud of: discover how to better taste them and the Bù Cheese Bar in the city center, where you can also buy them! 

La Baita dei saperi e dei sapori brembani, in Zogno, is another place to visit if you love cheese: a shop, restaurant and meeting point of the local production.

You can also experience guided tours in cheese factories of the valley, like Latteria di Branzi or Latteria montana di Scalve in Vilminore or Caseificio del Monte Bronzone.

Polenta is the queen of Bergamo's tables. In the mountains, you can eat it taragna or plain, with rabbit or donkey stew. If you want something particular, taste the one with spiked corn of Gandino: an excellent product brought back from tradition, thanks to the recovery of ancient seeds, exposed to 5 years of genetic selection to bring them back to their original purity.

You can taste incredible handmade beer in the city and in the province. These are the names to look for: Elav, Priula, Osteria della Birra, Beer Garage, Bg Birra, O'Clock Tower and Pedavena.

What about dessert? Of course! Polenta e osèi is a soft sponge cake covered with marzipan and dark chocolate decorations. There's also the Donizetti Cake, a ring-shaped cake with pineapple and candied apricots and a bit of icing sugar.  

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