Bergamo Restaurants Guide

Bergamo restaurants guide, let's discover them

Bergamo restaurants guide, let's discover them @Da Vittorio

Bergamo restaurants guide. Browse these pages to find a comprehensive guide for select restaurants in the province of Bergamo. Seeking for the finest venues? Bergamo will provide satisfying solutions. 

There are seven 1-star Michellin restaurants in the territory of Bergamo, plus a 3-stars one among 8 of the same rank in all of Italy.  

Da Vittorio reached this three star status in 2010, but its history begins in the 1960s, when a young couple decided to realize their dream of opening in the city center. Its prestige has only grown further ever since.   

It is the ideal destination for gourmands, a temple of taste with a charming atmosphere and culinary proposals that highlight the choices of its founder. Traditional dishes, fish and shellfish and exceptional seasonal ingredients are reinvented to give life to innovative and unexpected recipes.  

The remarkable options of this guide do not stop here, just travel to the rest of the Bergamasque lands to visit Frosio in Almè, then Osteria della Brughiera in the borough of Villa and that of O. dei Cameli in Ambivere. We go on to Il Saraceno at Cavenago, the A'anteprima in Chiuduno, LoRo at Trescore Balneario and the San Martino in Treviglio. 

Enjoy the flavors of Bergamo at the restaurant of your choice.

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