Eating in Varese

Where to go when eating in Varese

Where to go when eating in Varese

"Varese is a crossroads of different cultures and influences, this shows in its cuisine: thanks to its vicinty to the Prealps and Alps, chestnuts and corn are historically consumed products. We are also used to find in our menu authentic farm rice from Milan and Novara, plus lakewater fish, mostly pike and perch […]"

Anna Prandoni, food and wine journalist - Director of publications Il Panino Italiano and Cucina Italiana

Thinking of eating in Varese? The province counts with 4 Michelin-starred restaurants in which you can taste both local and exotic delicacies, prepared with skill and passion by brilliant chefs.

A liberty-style villa near downtown Gallarate and Chef Ilario Vinciguerra's cooking will enthrall your senses. His specialties are: pasta only for you (sous vide pasta whisked with shellfish, prepared in front of the customer); lamb, blue potatoes and an explosion of Neapolitan desserts known as the Crash. You can find it in Via Roma 1 in Gallarate.

Mangiare nel Varesotto

The flavors of the seea will charm you at the Ma.Ri.Na restaurant in Olgiate Olona. Relish on black tagliolini neri with cuttlefish; fried moulting crabs with polenta, gazpacho with raw fish; apricots with rosemary and ice cream. Its address is Piazza S. Gregorio 11 in Olgiate Olona.

A calibrated itinerary of sophisticated flavors and original combinations with hints of eastern influences, plus cooking and temperature contrasts proposed by the Chef of the Acquarello restaurant in Fagnano Olona. Its specialties are sturgeon, sea carp and a crispy lemon dessert. (Via Patrioti, 5 - Fagnano Olona).

Unmatched delicacies and a view of the lake are the ingredients of a unique lunch at La Tavola in Laveno: spaghetti with garlic and anchovies, red pepper foam are some of its specialties. Just head to Via Fortino 40 in Laveno, in the area of Lake Maggiore.

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