Flavors and Products from Garda

Discover the flavors and products from Garda

Discover the flavors and products from Garda

A journey into the flavors and products of Garda starts in this sunny riviera. Encircled by mountains at the north and embraced by moraine hills on the south, it is the perfect meeting point between the Alps and the Mediterranean.

If its freshwater fish, wine, citrus and extra-virgin olive oil will remind you of Mediterranean flavors, products like its cold meats, cheeses, honey, truffles and game will prompt the distinct taste of the Alps.

Local cuisine centers most of its dishes on fish, specially a prized species called Carpione, which is quite cherished by gourmands.

Wines from the Garda are famous all over the world ever since ancient Roman times. Virgilio praises them in the Georgics, Claudian Catullus in their poems as well. Nowadays these vineyards are part of the landscape, from the lake shores to the hills of the hinterland. Lugana doc, Valténesi Doc, Valtenesi Chiaretto Doc and San Martino della Battaglia are some of the grape varieties that are grown on the hillside.

The Garda DOP extra-virgin olive oil is the result of a singular weather, centuries-old passions and traditions along with rigorous quality control that the DOP label requires for products made in this territory.

Amid the lake's authentic flavors, we cannot forget about its citrus and lemons in particular, cultivated in places called limonaie, and capers that are harvested by hand during summertime from bushes that grow on old stone walls under the sun.

sapori e prodotti del garda

Lemons from ancient limonaie in Garda

High quality and niche products such as saffron and salami morenico De.co from Pozzolengo come from the moraine hills area.

Lastly, the intense and authentic aroma of the hinterland: cow and goat milk cheeses, both fresh and aged thaf owe their flavor and aromatic features to the local herbs and flowers eaten by the cattle at high altitude. A fine example would be the famous Grana Padano. 

We wait for you to come taste our excellent delicacies, served at the fine restaurants of Garda's Lombard shores.

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