Flavors of Lombardy

Flavors of Lombardy, traveling with Gualtiero Marchesi

Flavors of Lombardy, traveling with Gualtiero Marchesi

Flavors of Lombardy is a fascinating journey through the wonders, curiosities and beauty of this region with Gualtiero Marchesi

You will have the opportunity to get to know closely  the flavors produced in Lombardy through the centuries until present day. It is a flavorful journey among gastronomy and art with the watchful guide of this Italian Cuisine Master, followed by art critic and journalist Beba Marsano, who will take historic, artistic and architectural annotations.

This interesting path counts with 7 itineraries comprising art, history and local products that end up in the kitchen, honoring Lombardy's long and renowned culinary tradition, full of simple dishes and real delicacies.

Take special notice of videos of the master introducing numerous encounters with the territory's artistic and cultural locations and their relationship with local cuisine. Great chefs will present their particular traditional and modern recipes as well. 

From Milan to the Bergamasque valleys, Cremona, Mantua and other important cities and territories that tell tales of ancient traditions, artistic beauty, products of the land and culinary delicacies.   

It is a particular way to appreciate the authentic essence of a Region that comprises several dimensions where art and flavor go hand to hand. It is also an opportunity to learn traditional recipes, new dishes or get hints for your next trip or vacations in Lombardy.

What are you waiting for? Start our journey among art and flavor with Gualtiero Marchesi. 

Il Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi

Italian cuisine Master, Gualtiero Marchesi 

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