Hamburger Bars in Milan

Hamburger bars in Milan

Hamburger bars in Milan 202 Hamburger & delicious

The Cotoletta alla Milanese is a must-try speciality in Milan, but there are plenty of food trends that have been overrunning the city. With a large number of local hamburger joints, we couldn't not break down some of the best addresses out there for a delicious burger. In no particular order, here we go... 

Al Mercato, in via Sant'Eufemia 16, is an institution for the Milanese who contend for the few seats of this small hamburger bar in the city. Here hamburgers can be spread with unique seasonings like hummus, jalapeños marmalade or zola cheese.

At via Palermo 15, you'll find Ham Holy Burger, where you can taste an excellent Piedmont Fassona meat burger. For those that prefer pork, there's the delicious Easyburger.

The Burger Wave at via Sforza 47 has a cool Australian surf style atmosphere and burgers to die for. Their menu includes black angus meat, chicken, veal, three vegetarian burgers, BBQ sauces and side relish.

MU Italian Finest Burger at via Paolo Sarpi 63 is a recently opened hamburger joint that stands out for the excellent quality beef and burgers for celiacs.

At the 212 Hamburger & Delicious at via Pantano 17 you can choose from 9 types of hamburgers (including one for vegetarians) that comes with French fries (or onion rings!) and sauces in an all-American style. Highly recommended.

You can grab a juicy 175 gram (or 6 oz.) burger with Irish Angus beef, horse meat or even vegetarian burgers, all with a good hand-brewed beer at the Burbee: Artisanal burger & beer at via Castel Morrone 7, open until late.

To reach Mangiari di strada at Via Lorenteggio 269 you need to exit the centre of Milan, but it's worth it if you want to take a lunch break with a super 220 gram (7 oz) burger.

The Denzel, at via Washington, is a restaurant that offers kosher cuisine where burger sizes range from 5 to 8 oz without cheese.

The famous chef Andrea Berton created an amazing hamburger between two rolls of naturally leavened bread at the Trussardi Caffè. Trust us, it's worth every penny! 

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