Franciacorta Wine

Franciacorta wine, an international success

Franciacorta wine, an international success FabioCattabiani

The Franciacorta wine was awarded in 1995 the Controlled Designation of Origin label, making it one of the most prestigious local products in the Region. The Franciacorta wine and flavors trail that traverses the area is the ideal itinerary for anybody who wishes to engage in food and wine tourism.

Lombardy boasts a long winemaking tradition that is renowned around the world thanks to the sparkling varieties made with Chardonnay and Pinot grapes.

The name Franciacorta derives from Franche Curtes, meaning Frankish Courts. These lands were in fact tax-exempt since the abbeys that stood there enjoyed special privileges. 

The origins of viticulture in Lombardy and the zone of Franciacorta may be traced back to the Middle Ages, as shown by the fortresses and strongholds that can be admired when walking along the roads that go through the hills.

Production increased during the XIXth century, specially with red wine, although quality was not very high. The potential for creating spumante was discovered in the mid nineties, a research on local products that continues to this day.

It comes in 5 different types: Franciacorta, Satèn, Rosé, Millesimato and Riserva. 

Franciacorta is wine and traditional food in an alluring natural landscape and localities for cultural tourism.  

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