Lemons of Garda

Lemons of Garda, renowned local products

Lemons of Garda, renowned local products

The lemons of Garda have a centuries-long history as traditional local products in this particular corner of the country. 

Lemons were brought from the Ligur Riviera to the shores of Lake Garda in the XIIIth century by the monks of the Convent of San Francesco.

Thus the lemons of Garda bloomed in a structure called limonaia connected to stone stairs and enclosed by massive walls.

Production of  Lemons in Garda was in crisis during the 1800s. Construction for the Western Gardesana road in 1929 linked the town of Limone with Gargnano and Riva. 

Thanks to recent efforts to restore them, these splendid greenhouse-gardens still enrich Brescia's lacustrine shorelines, adding a mediterranean touch to food and wine tourism in Lombardy. 

Visit the limonaias of Pra dela fam, a small strip of land with a lemon garden, the one of Tesöl, named after the river and the one of Castèl in Villa Borghi.

Do not miss seeing and tasting the lemons of Garda if you consider food and wine tourism in Lombardy, they make part of its historic and architectural heritage. 


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