Mantua Local Products Guide

Mantua Local Products Guide, the flavor of tradition

Mantua Local Products Guide, the flavor of tradition @f20illippo

Mantua local products guide. Which have you tried already? We would like to present you some of the most mouth-watering local products. Mantua has been elected as Italian Culture Capital for 2016, and its food is an important part of that historical and artistic heritage. 

The province's traditional cuisine can be defined as based on popular recipes using local produce, hearty tastes that were later refined at the court of the Gonzaga Family. 

Wild herbs are often used to season bread dumplings called capunsei or to add flavoring to egg frittatas and savory crepes.  

Among it best appreciated pasta dishes in Mantua is the Pumpkin Tortelli, usually accompanied with mostarda. Filling for Agnolini on the other hand is always different according to the zone they are made in. 

Consider tasting Mantua local cold meats such as the Coppa Dop, Vaniglia Cotechino and Mantuan salami, perfect to be paired with a glass of fine red wine. If you wish cheese, Grana Padano will be the right choice when visiting Mantua.

Local desserts include the sugolo, a kind of grape-based pudding, almod sbrisolona, and tagliatelle pie, commonly prepared in celebration of Santa Lucia. 

Trust our guide to walk along the Wines and Flavors Trail of Mantua. Local itinerary stages that will surprise you.

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