Varese Local Products Guide

Varese local products guide, essential tips

Varese local products guide, essential tips @wirechairs

Varese local products guide. Have you ever thought of a Varese guide that gives you hints on which products are a must try? Check this page to discover local specialties.

Its geographical variety is mirrored by the vast range of local delicacies capable of winning over even the most demanding palates. 

Let's start with the province's cheeses. The Formaggella del Luinese DOP is produced by the farms of the Mountain Communities. We advise you to taste cold meats such as Lonzato Monterosa Lard, Salami Prealpino and Goat Violino, a special kind of ham made with meat of semi-wild goats, appreciated in Slow Food circles.

This land offers genuine and particular produce that cannot be found elsewhere, like the asparagus from Cantello, displaying a white color with a sligthly pinkish tip, or Monate's peaches, prepared in syrup or as marmalade.  

Pasta lovers will cherish Sesto Calende's ravioli, filled with perch, crayfish and mint, encapsulating all the flavors of the region. 

Savor dessert with Castiglione Olona's Dolce del Cardinale, or perhaps some Amaretti to go with coffee or with a glass of Saronno Amaretto, a famous spirit that is consumed around these parts. 

Visiting Lombardy is engaging in culinary tourism and getting to know native traditions. Buon appetito

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