Not just breaded veal cutlet

Cotoletta alla Milanese

Cotoletta alla Milanese

The Cotoletta alla Milanese is a typical dish of Milan and generally included in any menu of the city's restaurants. 

If you want to savour an authentic Cotoletta, remember that the real Milanese cutlet is cooked with the bone and is 1 ¼ inches thick.

If well cooked, it will remain soft on the inside but crunchy on the outside. Better still if it is fried in butter!

Now you are ready to taste this dish as a real Milanese or milanés (in the local dialect), so you can go to one of these restaurants, which are famous for this example of regional cuisine:

  • Da Martino, via Carlo Farini 8. Famous for its Cotoletta alla Milanese, but also for its pizza served by the slice.
  • Trattoria Testina (ex la Pesa), via Abbadesse, 19. ‘Costoletta' (with the s, meaning "small rib") with brown potatoes and spinach.
  • L'altra isola, via Edoardo Porro 8. A restaurant for authentic Milanese cuisine, even though the chef is Chinese.
  • Osteria alla Grande, via delle Forze Armate 405. A typical ‘osteria' restaurant that traditional cuisine lovers will adore.
  • Trattoria all'antica, via Montevideo 4. An excellent Cotoletta served with mash potatoes.

For those of you want to feel like a real Lombard chef, give the recipe a try and home and recreate a bit of Milan... here's how to make the authentic Cotoletta alla Milanese.

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