Red, rounded, robust. The wines of the Valtellina

Sassella, Sforzato, Grumello, Valtellina Superiore, Inferno

Sassella, Sforzato, Grumello, Valtellina Superiore, Inferno @Valtellina Turismo

They are everywhere in Valtellina, at the bottom of the valley and the Rhaetian Alps.

Head east, leaving Sondrio behind and notice it's vineyard terraces and towers, bathed in gentle sunlight.

You may wish to stop by Chiuro, a small town perched at the base of the mountain, just a couple kilometers away from Sondrio.

One of the most important wining labels in the Valtellina area is located in this village, eager to make visitors taste this generous land's best known product. Sassella, Sforzato, Grumello, Valtellina Superiore and Inferno are just a few examples of the wine types that you can savor here.

While holding a drinking glass, you can smell the aroma of the Alps, the underbrush and wild berries that Nebiolo grapes absorb from local soil, giving it a unique flavor that is both robust and gentle.

Unique, unforgettable flavors await after each glass, from the well-rounded nuances of Sassella to the strong taste of the Inferno, made with grapes that grow at the valley's steepest cliffs. Have a sip and taste what this beautiful land can offer!


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