Some addresses for great greek cuisine in milan

Some addresses for great Greek cuisine in Milan

Some addresses for great Greek cuisine in Milan

If there is one cuisine I really love – apart from Italian, of course – it's Greek. Indeed, for a well cooked pita gyros or moussaka, I am even willing to spend a little more. But in Milan we are very lucky, because the average quality of restaurants offering Greek cuisine is high and, above all, will not break the budget. 

Among my favourite places is one that started out actually as a take-away, with a couple of tables inside. Then it expanded to become a comfortable little restaurant for about twenty people. It's Greek Fusion in Ripa di Porta Ticinese. The atmosphere is informal, the food is great and prices are affordable for everyone. Perfect for a quick but tasty lunch. And if, after the excellent main courses, you still have room, I recommend Greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts. Wonderful!

If, on the other hand, you would like to enjoy a special dinner with friends or with your significant other, there is a really nice restaurant just a stone's throw from Piazzale Loreto - the Esperides. This intimate, peaceful restaurant is particularly liked by couples, who find privacy in the inside room. But this little restaurant is also ideal if you want to discover Greek cuisine. It has a taster menu of the best-known traditional dishes. And here's a tip from me – once a month they organise evenings with live music.

Another address I recommend you take a note of is the Mykonos taverna, which is in Via Tofane overlooking the Martesana canal, with its colourful buildings and peaceful footpath/cycle track inspiring a real holiday feeling. 

Here you can taste the best of Greek cuisine in a relaxing, entrancing atmosphere.

Rather more basic is Mythos  (in Via Maurizio Quadrio, 13), which resembles a delicatessen or take-away, with a small dining space for clients and open kitchen. The meat here is of excellent quality and numerous enthusiasts come here to eat a good pita sandwich with gyros, Greek salad and a few souvlaki. 

Listed above are just a few of the Greek restaurants in Milan, but I can assure you there are many more. They are generally all quite cheap and have an excellent price-quality ratio. So, all you fans of Greek food – enjoy them!

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