Cassoeula Milanese Recipe

Cassoeula Milanese Recipe, authentic flavor

Cassoeula Milanese Recipe, authentic flavor @lapobbia1850

Cassoeula Milanese Recipe. The Lombard dish per excellence. Usually eaten hot, it's a filling dish that's sure to satisfy.

Even though casseoula is consumed in the Region by early October, its history is connected to a religious Milanese feast, the renowned festivity of Saint Anthony the Great on January 17th. 

As a matter of fact this date coincided with the time pigs got slaughtered in the countryside. The cheapest cuts were used to season the cabbage, which as taught by popular wisdom is tastier after the first autumn frosts hit it.

When talking about a cassoeula recipe, there is the "white version", made with chicken meat, often calld bottaggio while the one found in Pavia and the areas near Novara is prepared using goose.

The Municipality of Milan has even penned a municipal designation in 2008 for this traditional milanese recipe.

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