Cremona Nougat Recipe

Cremona Nougat Recipe, homemade goodness

Cremona Nougat Recipe, homemade goodness

The Cremona Nougat Recipe is actually quite simple. It is concocted with a few quality ingredients that make it a unique, unmistakable product.

Egg whites, honey, sugar and almonds are the magical elements that give life to it. Every november there is a festival dedicated to the Cremona Nougat. 

The recipe for the king of Italian candy has won over the population's palate to the point of becoming along with panettone the perfect dessert item for the holidays.

Even though there are numerous variants of this concoction in the entire country, its origins are in Cremona, where it seems that in the XIIth century a local translated text in Arabic that described a similar treat called "turun".

Another version of this story tells that Emperor Frederick II had a few Arab cooks working in his kitchen. In any case, the Middle-Eastern influence is clear.

Nonetheless, the official date of its creation is 1411, when it was served at the wedding banquet of Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti in the shape of the city's Torrazzo tower.


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