Lombard Mostarda Recipe

Lombard Mostarda recipe, an ancestral flavor

Lombard Mostarda recipe, an ancestral flavor

Lombard Mostarda recipe. This peculiar delicacy has been around since the XVIIth century, it includes several variations of the classical mostarda

This recipe requires fruit, sugar and mustard essence. It features a pungent, distinct taste that goes well with savory Lombard dishes, specially those prepared during winter holidays. On Christmas Eve, it is eaten with cheeses such as ricotta, stracchino and crescenza or traditional boiled meat and pot roasts, granting unique sensation to the palates that savor it.

Its name derives from the Lombard words mout ardent and was originally made with cooked grape must.

If you are looking for authentic gastronomic tourism in the Region, you will discover various cooking methods connected to each Lombard area's characteristics. 

Assorted fruits are used to prepare it in Cremona, besides being quite piquant, it is suited for pumpkin tortelli. In Voghera, they use a scented syrup that makes it milder.

The one they make in Milan comprises many kinds of apples, pears, oranges, cherries and spices while the Mantuan version ususes only fried apple chunks and a mixture of honey and white wine. 

Are you ready to choose your favorite Lombard mostarda recipe? 

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