Panettone recipe

Panettone recipe, a Milanese staple

Panettone recipe, a Milanese staple

Here we reveal the famous Panettone recipe. This dessert is widely known abroad but few know its real recipe. 

Lombardy is a land of ancient culinary traditions, with numerous tourism localities and flavors that you will not forget. 

Food and wine tourism in Lombardy means finding out the origins of Panettone. Some believe that a young man invented it in order to impress the daughter of a local baker by increasing his sales.

Others say that during a traditional Christmas lunch at the Ducal court of Milan, a distracted cook burned a cake. Afterwards a kitchen boy proposed to save face by serving diners a soft dough he baked early that morning. When asked about who came up with it, he answered L'è 'l pan del Toni (the name of his apprentince), thus naming the Panettone.

Popular ingenuity is part of both origin stories. In fact the Panettone recipe comprises everyday food products: flour, eggs, sugar and milk flavored with raisins and candied fruit. 

The difficulty of preparing a Panettone lies in the patience and care required for it to leaven. It takes an entire day for the yeast to work its magic.

Often associated with the Holidays in Lombardy, follow our instructions to make it with your own hands and pair it with a glass of sparkling wine.

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