Polenta and Misultin Recipe

Polenta and Misultin Recipe, a winning combination

Polenta and Misultin Recipe, a winning combination @tanagli

Polenta and Misultin recipe. This unusual delicacy is typical dish of the zones that surround Lake Como. This polenta recipe requires for it to be properly toasted and served with salted ray-finned fish that is better prepared grilled.

Although they are called sardines by the locals, Misultin actually belong to the Alosa genus, fished out of Lombard Lakes' freshwaters and preserved in several stages to keep their taste for long periods of time. This process lasts around six months and calls for the Misultin to be eviscerated as soon as they are captured. Then they are laid over special racks in open air to get dried under the sun for a few days. 

Finally they get pressed inside tin or wooden containers along with bay leaves and covered with oil. 

Afterwards, just heat them for a couple of minutes, add garlic and parsley. This meal is usually paired with a glass of Franciacorta, but red wines go well with it too.

Fishing practice has been heavily regulated since the Middle Ages, prohibiting it during breeding season in May. Fishermen and hooks start entering the shores in June.    

Try the Polenta and Misultin recipe while you are visiting the Region or upon returning home. Food and wine tourism in Lombardy will add flavor to your vacations. 

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