Rosemary Risotto from Montevecchia

Rosemary risotto from Montevecchia, a delectable recipe

Rosemary risotto from Montevecchia, a delectable recipe

We would like to share how the rosemary risotto from Montevecchia is prepared. On the southern side of the hillside ridge that connects Missaglia and Montevecchia, at the heart of the Lecco side of the Brianza, there is an unusual presence of aromatic herbs that are suited to this gentle weather.

Its cultivation terraces served for many years to grow two species: sage and rosemary

The following recipe is a typical dish from the Brianza cuisine, using rosemary from Montevecchia as its main ingredient. According to recent studies from the University of Milan, it has especially stable, high quality essential oils. It is used for preparing medicine as well.  

Eat it while it is still warm... perhaps paired with a nice glass of red IGT di Montevecchia wine. Buon appetito!

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