Tripe a la Milanese Recipe

Tripe a la Milanese recipe, how to prepare it

Tripe a la Milanese recipe, how to prepare it @davidebonassi

The tripe la Milanese recipe is called "busseca" and usually includes, beans, bacon, herbs and a sprinkle of Parmesan or Grana Padano cheese.

If you have never tried this delicate tripe recipe, take the chance to visit Lombardy in January, step out of the Milanese province and head to the town of Pizzighettone in Cremona, where the Patronal Fair in honor of San Bassiano takes place. 

This walled city proposes during the event lots of local delicacies: cold cuts, cheeses that can be eaten with honey, desserts and candy. Its main dish is a Milanese variant of stewed tripe, served by one of the old casematte, which used to host army troops. Dinner will not be just tasty, but exciting too while ancient fireplaces keep you warm. 

Since you are in the area go to the winter edition of the Buongusto Street Market, so you can buy regional and national specialties and bring the necessary ingredients for making this recipe at home. 

Afterwards, go for a walk through the historic district, split in two by the Adda river. It is the perfect spot for culinary and cultural tourism in one of the region's  many distinctive boroughs. 

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