Where to Have Breakfast in Brescia

Where to have breakfast in Brescia, suggestions

Where to have breakfast in Brescia, suggestions

Where to have breakfast in Brescia? Here are a few ideas for you to discover where to have an early meal in select venues. Start the day with the right foot with the following list of cafés and bakeries that will help you enjoy a good morning.

Only a few steps from the Maserati Park, Pasticeria Zilioli awaits with classical Italian treats such as capuccino, croissants and traditional local products like the Persicata or the Chisol. 

In case you do not manage to taste all these delicacies or if you wish to make a gift for somebody else, ask them to arrange a takeaway basket for you. 

Getting just out of the historic center stands the Bedussi, where it is possible to have  satisfaying breakfasts and scrumptious lunches. Furthermore, this business has become famous for its ice cream varieties. 

It is a modern, well maintained bistrot, although its owners admit that the venue's real treasure is the underground kitchen where everything gets prepared. Every detail is important, starting with the selection of ingredients and the packaging of its specialties that you can eat at home or during lunch break.

These bars have been awarded the rank of 3 Cups and Beans by the prestigious culinary guide Gambero Rosso due to the quality of their coffee.

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