Where to Have Brunch in Milan

Where to have brunch in Milan, suggestions

Where to have brunch in Milan, suggestions @anddicted

Where to have brunch in Milan? We gathered some of the finest places where to have this peculiar meal. There is certainly no shortage of options in a city such as Milan.   

When you get up late on sunday morning but it is still early for lunch, then having brunch is the right solution for starting the day in a relaxing way. Although this practice was invented in the United States, nowadays there are plenty of venues that propose it, leaving aside traditional capuccinos and croissants in favor of flavorful, original dishes. For those who have never tried it, here are a few proposals about where to start.   

Juleps has a varied savory and sweet buffet, omelettes are a must.

On weekends, from 11 am to 5 pm, California Bakery serves pancakes, hamburgers and scrumptious sandwiches. Every dish includes a glass of orange juice and American coffee. 

Ask for a "Branz" at Frida's while you read the newspaper and listen to its background music. 

God Save the Food on the other hand is ideal for whoever want to have their delicacies to go and decide where to enjoy them later.

Whether it is that you live Milan or just visiting Lombardy, eating brunch in these restaurants will make you wish to return as soon as possible. 

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